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What Our Patients Are Saying About Our Upper Cervical Care in Sioux Falls

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Here's what patients are saying about Genesis Family Chiropractic!

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<p>Trying Out The Best Chiropractic Care, Recovery And Prevention For Low Back Pain</p>
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Trying Out The Best Chiropractic Care, Recovery And Prevention For Low Back Pain

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<p>Upper Cervical Care, An Answered Prayer</p>
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Upper Cervical Care, An Answered Prayer

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<p>Dr. Ingalls Of Genesis Family Chiropractic Demonstrates NUCCA Adjustment</p>
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Dr. Ingalls Of Genesis Family Chiropractic Demonstrates NUCCA Adjustment

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<p>Kindergarten Teacher Loves NUCCA Chiropractic Care</p>
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Kindergarten Teacher Loves NUCCA Chiropractic Care

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<p>A Mother With Sinus Issues Found Comfort In Upper Cervical Care</p>
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A Mother With Sinus Issues Found Comfort In Upper Cervical Care

"I have had back problems for years now. I began to think it would just have to be something that I would have to live with. After a couple of visits to Dr. Ingalls, I finally feel normal again. I am now a huge supporter of NUCCA, and I cannot say enough about Dr. Ingalls. I highly recommend Genesis to anybody who has any discomfort."

- Alex B.
"Wonderful chiropractor. Had a concussion in February. Now, since being with Dustin, I’ve recovered very well. My mind works faster, I feel little to no neck and back pain, and, he’s a great guy to talk to. 5-star service to me."

- Chad S.
"I have been being treated by Dr. Dustin since he first opened his doors. He is very knowledgeable in NUCCA and has done wonders for my migraines. Dr. Dustin is always ready and willing to see and adjust me whenever I need it. He is amazing. Give him a chance to help you!"

- Stacey H.
Back, Shoulder Pain, and Diabetes

I have this spot in my neck between the 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae that requires a cortisone shot about every two years. I know when I will need the shot as my shoulder starts to burn and the spot in my neck gets very tender. I told Dr. Ingalls about it, and we decided to try NUCCA. After only three sessions, the burning in my shoulder was gone, and I haven’t had any pain in the neck area.

Fantastic results, right?

That's not the best part! I am a diabetic. Dr. Ingalls told me to keep a close watch on my sugars as ‘getting your head on straight’ sometimes causes funny things will happen. There were days when I didn’t need to take insulin because the sugars were in the numbers where they should be. At times, my blood sugars would drop drastically. I was trying to regulate my insulin.

On April 23, 2013, I saw my endocrinologist, and he reduced my insulin consumption radically! He said to continue doing what I have been doing. This is a side benefit.

Not only will my health continue to improve, but I will also be saving money on my medication! I would urge anyone to at least try this. Go into this with a positive attitude, and you will be greatly surprised at what results you might have.

Most sincerely and with love,

- Fran I.
Neck Pain!

I had made an appointment with Dr. Dustin Ingalls because I was having problems with my neck and upper spine. My neck was really causing me discomfort, and I had limited mobility turning my head. It was also difficult to get comfortable at night due to my neck pain, so I didn’t sleep very well.

Since coming to see Dr. Dustin Ingalls, my neck and upper spine have felt much better. I have much more mobility while turning my head, and I can sleep much better!

- Gloria S.
Low Back Pain!

When I first came in to see Dr. Dustin Ingalls, I had lower back pain (leaking disc), hip pain (bursitis), migraines, leg pain, shoulder / clavicle pain, and I walked as if my legs weren’t the same length.

It had been about five to six years since I’d really felt good. I had difficulty lifting, it hurt to lie on my sides and back for long periods of time, so I didn’t get much sleep. It was painful to sit, especially in an office chair, and I also had problems walking long distances.

After my treatments with Dr. Dustin, I can lift items without pain, sleep without much discomfort, sitting is no longer painful, and stairs aren’t as much of a problem to walk up. Even my hips don’t ache like they used to!

It has been so wonderful not to feel the constant pain in my lower back and hips. I no longer walk like my one leg is shorter, and I can do my day-to-day functions without having to worry I may do something that will cause these issues to start over again.

- Patty F.

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